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Jan. 31st, 2010 @ 05:15 pm Queer zines
Hey, first post here!
I'm planning on making my first zine, and I want it to be about queer/LGBT youth culture.
If you were to pick up a queer zine, what would you like to see represented in it?

I also plan on doing profiles of queer youth throughout the zine. Kind of name/gender/occupation and then some more thought-provoking questions. I want a little musing on what it means to be queer for people in different places/social groups. Show unique perspective from queer youth living in different places. But I'm having some trouble about how to make good open ended questions for a survey for that purpose. Any suggestions?

I know these are broad questions, I'm just in the beginning stages. Any help or comments welcome! :] I'll probably be back with the survey in a couple weeks.

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